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Customer Complaints and Satisfaction Policy

At Saglam Metal we rely on our 20+ years of professional experience to provide exceptional customer service.


To achieve this, we act in accordance with the provisions of the AS9100 - ISO9001- ISO14001- ISO 45001- ISO10002 - ISO27001 quality standards and:

We strive to improve customer satisfaction by adhering to requirements and continuously enhancing our service standards.

We actively manage valid customer complaints and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

We improve our processes in line with relevant customer feedback.

We value long-term business relations as much as winning new customers.

We closely follow the new developments in our industry and build our production and business strategies accordingly.

We operate in accordance with the relevant laws and industry standards.


How We Handle Customer Complaints

1. Customers can forward us any complaints they may have about our products, logistics, service or personnel through regular mail, e-mail or our website.

2. Our quality department receives the complaints and pre-evaluates them after collecting all the relevant information.

3. The customer is then notified by the relevant sales representative that the complaint has been recorded.

4. If a corrective action is deemed necessary, an investigation is initiated through all the departments that were involved. An action plan is generated and the work is carried out in accordance with this action plan.

5. At the end of the process the customer is always notified about the result by a sales representative.

6. Every step in the process is filed and archived.

7. Our quality department is constantly in touch with sales so that the sales representatives always keep the customer in the loop.

8. We regularly discuss customer complaints, customer visits and their results in our monthly meetings.

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