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Integrated Management Systems Policy


In the manufacture of hard copper alloys and in the sale and marketing of steel and non-ferrous metals, our objective at Sağlam Metal is to apply the most advanced quality systems, ensure information security and always hold to high standard in terms of competition and export.


To achieve that, we undertake to:

  • Adhere to customer agreement conditions and hold customer satisfaction as priority number one,
  • Be customer oriented, regularly meet customer expectation and actively seek to remedy customer complaints,
  • Follow technological advances and enhance our products, processes and designs,
  • Ensure employee participation and reduce costs by producing it right the first time,
  • Contribute to the development of our suppliers, ensure the continuity of the business and continuous improvement in our processes,
  • Define, evaluate and monitor, within the framework of corporate risk management, the risk elements that can affect reaching company objectives and take the necessary actions and reduce risks to acceptable levels,
  • Adhere to laws, standards, control procedures and directives,
  • Ensure continuous adherence to EN/AS 9100 – ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 45001 - ISO 27001 - ISO 10002 standards,
  • Continuously train our employees in the topics of quality, cost, productivity, customer centricity, occupational health and safety, environmental safety, information security, international supply chain security and supply chain compatibility,
  • Designate information security objectives and ensure compliance,
  • Identify, through appropriate risk assessment, the effects of information security threats regarding service continuity, identify the value of information assets, understand their vulnerabilities, reduce vulnerabilities, and contribute to continuity,
  • Manage information assets; identify the security values, needs and risks of the assets, develop and implement controls for security risks,
  • Develop systems for health and safety and for preventing accidents,
  • Focus on protecting our natural habitat and respect people and the environment,
  • Reduce waste and the use of natural resources and increase recycling rates,
  • Increase cooperation on health, safety and the environment with the neighboring businesses, authorities and local governments,
  • Reach our objectives by placing an emphasis on human resources, investing in our employees and ensuring the full participation of the employees in matters related to occupational health and safety as well as environmental safety and organizing the necessary committees,
  • Restructure so as to be able to react to emergency situations,
  • Be transparent towards our stakeholders.                                                                                                            


 I am confident that all our employees shall carry their work in accordance with these principals.


Chairman of the Executive Board

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