Ring – Çap
Density :
External Diameter :
Internal Diameter :
Length :
Density :
Width :
Thickness :
Length :
KG   Calculation

Humane Approach

We put great value into listening to every individual in our company and seek solutions together.


Dependability and Integrity

We treat everyone fairly and transparently and expect the same in return. We always keep our promises.


Desire to Improve

We always seek what is better and always strive to make the right call. The decisions we make are put into action immediately. We adapt fast to changing boundaries and conditions. Working ethic is crucial for us. We learn from our mistakes and don't repeat them. If we need to apologize, we do so. Risks are taken and managed cautiously in our company. We always prepare for what may lie in the future.


Courage and Diligence

When it comes to new projects, we are always brave. We encourage everyone we are cooperating with to innovate. We do the right things with the right people.



In developing new products and processes we are always open minded. Our employees are always encouraged to come up with new ideas.


Chairman of the Executive Board

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