Ring – Çap
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External Diameter :
Internal Diameter :
Length :
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KG   Calculation

Research and Development

At Saglam Metal our customer-based engineering support and the will to develop new materials has evolved into something else through our own R&D center, which was opened in 2011. We academically cooperate with different departments of various technical universities. Through our scientific papers we share our findings with the academia in international congresses and symposiums.


Our Laboratory

We have an induction and heat treatment furnace in our lab, where we reconstruct the process conditions in our factories. We analyze chemical composition of alloys with our optic emission spectrometers and portable xrf device. With our microhardness and Rockwell and Brinell hardness devices we perform hardness measurements in micro and macro scale. Our materials are characterized through a special microscope. Electrical conductivity is also inspected permanently. With the spot-welding machine in our lab we are able to test the electrodes we produced and their life cycle.


Test and Analysis

Spectral Analysis

Tensile Test

Hardness Test (HB, HRC, HV, HB)

Ultrasonic Test

Liquid and Fluorescent Penetrant Testing

Electrical Conductivity Measurement

Corrosion Tests

Metallographic Analysis


Life Cycle Test for Resistance Welding Electrodes


Research Areas

Alternatives to copper beryllium alloys

Development of an electrode material with perfect mechanical properties

Wear resistance of copper alloys

Continuous casting technologies

Materials characterization

Damage analysis


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