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At Sağlam Metal, we carried our customer orinted material development activities and the engineering support we have been providing to the sectors we have been serving since our foundations to a new level by establishing our R&D infrastructure in 2011. With our R&D team, now we turn our customer oriented engineering operations into projects and develop them. We cooperate with various university departments (KTÜ, KBÜ, KOÜ, İTÜ among them) and carry our work in collaboration with the academia. We prepare and carry out projects within the framework of Tübitak and the Ministry of Industry. With the papers we present at international congresses and symposiums, we share the experience we gain from our research with our sector and the academia.
At our R&D lab at our factory we:
• Simulate manufacturing conditions with our lab-type cupola furnace and heat treatment furnace and carry alloy development work.
• Are able to obtain chemical composition analyses with an optical emission spectometer and a portable XRF device.
• Conduct hardness measurements at micro- and macro- scale with our micro-hardness and Rockwell& Brinell hardness measurement instruments.
• Carry out material characterization with a metal microscope and sample preparation instruments.
• With a conductivity measurement instrument, measure the electrical conductivity of the materials we develop. 
• With a lab-type spot-welding machine, we test the electrodes we develop and conduct life tests for our standart products.
Our fields of operation:
• Alternative alloys for beryllium copper alloys
• Development of elektrode materials with superior mechanical properties
• Wear resistance of copper alloys
• Continuous casting technologies
• Material characterization
• Comparative studies
• Damage analyses 
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