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copper alloys


We contribute to the development of the sector with the 25-year industry experience of Sağlam Metal and the century-old R&D studies of Dörrenberg Edelsthal's in the automotive industry.


We develop application-specific steel and copper alloys for speed and low maintenance costs that stand out in the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Preferred aluminum, magnesium alloys and composite parts to lighten the vehicle, and hot forming, cold forging, flow forming etc. We offer solutions to new generation manufacturing technologies that are accepted in the automotive industry.


The components of commercial, light commercial, passenger cars, electric vehicles, tractors and construction machines;

Steel and Aluminum Wheels,

Vehicle Body, Bodywork, Exterior Cosmetic.

Shears, Shock Absorber and All Undercarriage Parts

Clutch and Powertrain

Steering Wheel, Dial Shaft and Axle,

Silicone Gasket and Rubber Parts

Fuel Pumps and Electric Motors,

Exhaust Systems

Plastic Parts

Seat Chassis Manufacturing

Engine Components

Battery and Fuel Cells

Bolts, Nuts, Rivets etc. Connectors.

We offer engineering support to manufacturing companies in material preferences in mold and machine manufacturing-maintenance.


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