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defence industry material


We produce magnetic or non-magnetic, ferro and non ferro alloys with high corrosion resistance, thermal resistance and mechanical properties used in radar and sonar systems, vehicles and equipment used in Air, Land and Sea defense.We are supplying the materials in pipe, plate, rod and ring forms or embroidered parts according to the technical drawing suitable for your project.


CuAl10Fe3Mn / C62300 - C62400 Aluminium Bronze

CuCo2Be / C17500 - Beryllium Copper

Cupral 4M CuAl10Ni5Fe4 / C63000 - C63020 Aluminium Bronze - as bearing bush material in weapon system.

CuAl9Ni55Fe3Mn1 / AMS 4590 Aluminium Bronze

Cupral 5M: in submarine firing system, guard, boxes.

Cupro NSS - CuNiSi: In cooling blocks of submarine power units.

WCu - Tuncop -Tungsten alloys: due to its high density and high heat resistance feature in microelectronic systems.

17-4 ph / 1.4542 / AISI 630 is delivered in desired heat treatment condition, (H900 / H1025 etc.) as heat treatment stainless steel in weapon systems.

1.2344 / 1.2367 quality hot work tool steels are used as barrel material in gun systems .


All operations are continued in Information Security frame.

We are certified and approved by Ministry of Defence of Turkey.

Mill certifications on all shipments.

Manufacturing finished parts and kit according to technical drawings.

Rapid worldwide shipment from our warehouse.

Cupral 2 C64200 2.0936 CW306G
Aluminium Bronze
Cupral 4M C95500 2.0971 CW307G
Nickel Aluminium Bronze
Cupro CB CuCo2Be
RWMA Class3 - C17500 - 2.1285
Cupral 5M C63200 2.0980 CC333G
Alpha Nickel Aluminium Bronze
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