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specail steel


We contribute to the industry in almost all processes until we get products from ore in Iron and Steel production. 

We are processing, maintenance and consumable products used in melting and liquid metal processes according to your specific technical drawing.

In addition to engineering support in hot rolled products, sheet metal, rebar, profile production and seamless pipe production, we provide ready-to-use product fixed with guaranteed experience.

We provide engineering support to final product processes of in Iron and Steel.

Cupral 4M for bearing and bushings of melting pot.
Cupral 4M for bearings of Arc Furnaces.
Cupral 4M for Rolling Mill Wear Plates.
Cupral 4M for Rolling Mill Bushings.
Cupro-EL - Electrode Holders in melting pot.
Cupro-EL - Tuyeres in Blast Furnaces.
Cupro-EL for Blast Furnace Cooling pawls.
1.2382, GP4M for Profile Straightening Rolls.
1.2379 for continuous rolling mills guide rolls and 1.3343 when higher abrasion and wear resistance is required.
1.2379 for Continuous Rolling Mill Splitting Slit Roller Box Spools and 1.3343 when higher wear resistance and impact toughness is required.
D-AMO, WP7V for Continuous Rolling Mill Side Blades.
1.2367, WP7V for Continuous Rolling Mill  Shear Knives.
1.2367, WP7V for Hot Cutting Profile Blades.
VNC4, VNC5 for Cold Cutting Blades.
VNC4, VNC5 for Billet Cutting Blades.
VNC4, VNC5 for Scrap Blades.
1.2436, 1.2379, 1.3343 for Coil Rolling Mill Spools.
1.2080, 1.2379 for Pipe Factory Spools.
1.2379 for the Pipe Factory Blades for tube production.
1.2344 for Pipe Factory Welding Wheels.
1.2379, CPOH, CP72 for Cut To Length and Slitting Blades in Steel Service Centers.
CPOH for Steel Service Center Notcher Blades.
CuproMax, Cupro CB for Steel Service Center Welding Discs.
1.2344 for Tunnelling Machine Claws.
Cupro B2 for Non-Sparking Hand Tools.


All operations are continued in Information Security frame.

We are certified and approved by Ministry of Defence of Turkey.

Mill certifications on all shipments.

Manufacturing finished parts and kit according to technical drawings.

Rapid worldwide shipment from our warehouse.


Uses the Iron and Steel Industry of Tool Steels

Flying shear blades
Cold shear blades
Length of cutting blade
Profile knives
Runners and splitting reels
Source reel
Screw comb
Resources for cutting knife
Tube bending sheet relays
Slitting blades
Scrap presses scissor blades



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Technical Consideration Cast - Forged Rolls

Special material GP4M

High-Quality Tool Steel Rolls For Tube And section Mills

Corrosion And Acid Resistant Special Steel Castings

Heat Resistant Special Steel Castings

Wear Resistant Special Steel Castings

Tool Steel Casting



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