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hard copper alloys


Cupro NSS CuNi2Si Cr material is preferred for its electrical conductivity and mechanical properties, which is used as a gripping material in catenary systems that provide electrical transmission used in High Speed Trains and light rail system superstructures.


When unalloyed electrolytic copper is used, it will cause the line to stop due to the inability of electricity transmission by leaving the cruise wire when there is a lot of tempe  rature difference.


Due to the high efficiency requirement in the traction motors, the contact rings of the rail system vehicles are manufactured from Cupro MAX CuCrZr alloy material.


Due to its high abrasion and heat resistance, Cupro CNB CuCoNiBe material is used as the electrode material in the welding machines and resistance welding of rail materials used for "High Speed Train" rail lines.


Cupral 4M material is used as bushing material in oil pumps of conventional diesel engines.


Cupral 4M is used as a bush in brake systems of rail system vehicles.

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