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Aerospace Material


Saglam Metal A.S. is a special bronze and hard copper alloy producer. These alloys are used for wide range of applicaons in aerospace industry because of their superior mechanical properes, such as bushings and bearings in landing gears, wheels, brake components, wing and tail actuators and doors. In addion these alloys are resistant to heavy loads, abrasive wear, fricon, deformaon, high temperatures, oxidaon and corrosion.


The bronze and copper alloys we have produced are special alloys preferred due to their mechanical and physical properties, especially in products used in the aviation and defense industry sectors or machine-mold materials used in their production.


SPECIAL BRONZES (CuAl-CuAlNi) (Solid & Hollow Bars/Plate) These special bronzes have high strength and toughness in addion to corrosion resistance. They are used extensively for aircra landing gear bushings, bearings, other military and aircra components. Containing 5% nickel provides extra high mechanical properes.

SPECIAL COPPER ALLOYS(CuBe2) (Solid & Hollow Bars/Plate) These copper alloy grades have higher mechanical properes in comparison to other copper alloys. These alloys are excellent fit for bearing applicaon in high loding applicaons, because of their excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance propertie

QQ-C - 645B (Aluminum Bronze)     

ASTM B150 (Nickel Aluminum Bronze)   

C63000 / AMS 4640 (Nickel Aluminum Bronze)  

C63020 / AMS 4590 (Nickel Aluminum Bronze)

C95400 / ASTMB-505 / AMS 4871 / AMS 4873 (Aluminum Bronze) 

C95510 / AMS 4880 (Nickel Aluminum Bronze)  

C95520 / AMS 4881 (Nickel Aluminum Bronze) 

UZ19Al6 (Special Brass)

C17200 (Beryllium Copper) 

AMS 4533 (Beryllium Copper) 

ASTM B196 (Beryllium Copper) 

QQ-C-530 (Beryllium Copper)  

AMS 4534 (Beryllium Copper) 

AMS 4535 (Beryllium Copper) 

AMS 4650 (Beryllium Copper) 

AMS 4651 (Beryllium Copper) 


Cupral 4M / AMS 4640 (Forged)

Cupro B2 / AMS 4533

AMS 4880 and AMS 4881 – Continuous And Centrifugal Casting



Aircraft Material


In landing gear bearings of large-bodied passenger planes, fighter jets and UAVs.

The most important feature of these materials is low friction ratio and high abrasive wear. In addition, it has a 15% advantage compared to other bronze alloys.

AMS 4533 - 2% beryllium coppers are preferred because of their high strength, heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion .


Manufacturing finished parts and kit according to technical drawings.

Rapid worldwide shipment from our warehouse.

EN AS 9100D (FM 643972)/ISO 9001/14001/27001/10002 certified.

Mill certifications on all shipments.

Approved by Turkish Air Force and THY Technic.



Cupral 2 C64200 2.0936 CW306G
Aluminium Bronze
Cupro Max CuCrZr
RWMA Class2 - C18150 - 2.1293
Cupro CB CuCo2Be
RWMA Class3 - C17500 - 2.1285
Cupral 4M C95500 2.0971 CW307G
Nickel Aluminium Bronze
Cupral 5M C63200 2.0980 CC333G
Alpha Nickel Aluminium Bronze
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