Ring – Çap
Density :
External Diameter :
Internal Diameter :
Length :
Density :
Width :
Thickness :
Length :
KG   Calculation

mold materails


Cupro Max for seam welding of Low Carbon Steels, Galvanized.

Cupro CNB for seam welding discs and plates that require higher hardness and wear resistance at higher temperatures.

Cupro Max for Spot Welding.

Cupro Max, Cupro EL for EDM electrodes.

1.2379 - Blades used in slitting and cutting lines of galvanized sheets.

CPOH - Blades used in slitting and cutting lines of stainless sheets.

1.2379 in female and male cutter mold steels in cutting dies of stainless steel sheets, when higher press volumes are required, CPOH, PMD M4, PMD 23.

Cp72 Plus against the problem of chipping for stainless steel cutting dies.

1.2738, 1.2344 in Plastic Molds.

1.2316 in Plastic Injection Molds.

Cupral 8 for deep drawing dies of stainless steels and low carbon steels, Cupral 10 when higher hardness is desired.

Cupro NSS, Cupro CB for pistons used in Metal Injection.

Cupro B2 in Plastic Injection molds for better cooling.

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