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External Diameter :
Internal Diameter :
Length :
Density :
Width :
Thickness :
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KG   Calculation

Cupro CB CuCo2Be



Co Ni Be Cu
1.00 1.00 0.50 Remaining




German Material No. : 2.1285 (CuCoBe) DIN 17666, USA CDA C17500, RWMA:Class3

Material Properties: Hardened by precipitation hardening copper alloy which is resistant to high stiffness and high temperature. Breeding process and is not suitable for nitration. It has high thermal conductivity. It can be shaped by wire or plunge erosion.

Usage Areas :
Resistance welding:
As electrodes in the spot and butt welding of stainless steel, seam welding on the disk as in mold and die :
Plastic blow molds and parts, plastic injection molded parts, cooling cores, nozzles, steel mold era in points to rapid cooling (with tight) is used as.
Plastic Packaging :
The sewing head
Die cast aluminum:
pistonlardabak the rice,
in the casting of non-ferrous alloys such as bronze:
Permanent mold and cooling parts

Mechanical Properties:

Hardness HB 220-260
Tensile Strength N/mm² 690-890
Yield Strength N/mm² 640-830
Elongation L=5D   min.10
Modulus of Elasticity   118.103


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